Närhälsan i Väst renews contract as Roux Healthcare takes over

The public primary care provider Närhälsan i Väst in Western Sweden has a long history with Saps Service Management’s healthcare division, who have carried out service, repairs and inspections of their stable of medical technology devices for several years. 
As operations were set to be transferred to Roux Healthcare, Närhälsan i Väst chose to renew their contract, secure in the knowledge that they would be able to continue working with the same competent staff and service-minded organization. 
We are most grateful for the vote of confidence and look forward to working together. 

Presenting Daniel Rumack, new Roux Healthcare CEO

Daniel Rumack is the new Roux Healthcare CEO, tasked with leading the company through the upcoming growth and international expansion stages. It’s not the first time he leads a healthcare-focused service management operation. In fact, he was responsible for setting up and kick-starting Saps Service Management’s healthcare division between 2002 and 2004. After senior sales and country manager posts within in the security and manufacturing industries, he is now once more in the business of leading of a specialized healthcare service organization. 

Roux Healthcare acquires healthcare division from Saps Service Management

During August this year, Roux Healthcare acquired the healthcare division of Swedish service management company Saps. The deal includes all staff, equipment, inventory and client contracts, with operations scheduled to commence on November 1st

For Saps Service Management, the deal is part of a strategic move towards a stronger focus on their core business, corporate property management. Roux Healthcare are a growth-focused specialist operator and in a unique position to successfully continue, refine and expand operations.