installation and

Roux Healthcare technicians are trained and certified to work with equipment from all suppliers across the marketplace, covering the vast majority of available healthcare equipment and systems.
Prior to installation, we book a face-to-face meeting to determine your wants and needs. Based on this, we design a solution tailored to your requirements. If dismantling is required, our technicians will both remove the equipment and make sure any damage to your premises from the dismantling process is repaired as well.
Why Roux Healthcare?
A correct installation is the first important step towards ensuring that any device or system will function as intended. This is why we employ only experienced technicians with the requisite training and authorization who are always focused on doing a first-class job. Used to working independently, they will take initiatives to improve efficiency, always with your wants and needs and patient safety as first priorities. The goal is to ensure that you feel secure with our services. Roux Healthcare is an authorized international operator and our services and technical expertise are always close at hand.
In brief
  • Equipment from all suppliers
  • Trained and certified staff
  • Solutions tailored to your needs
  • Any damage control included with dismantling