Purchasing support

You will of course always want the right equipment for the each application. But, without thorough knowledge of the range of products available, simply buying what you already know is an easy way out. Which may not always be the best choice.

Being a brand-independent operator, Roux Healthcare can find you the best product for the job, regardless of manufacturer.
We are experienced buyers and maintain a complete supplier list for every application. We will set up guidelines, standardize your purchasing processes and train your staff. This will allow you to save 10-15% through increased efficiency and less administration. As a purchasing partner, Roux Healthcare is a one-stop shop.

Why Roux Healthcare?
Our ambition is to be your strategic partner, providing access to everything that’s available in the marketplace. We have the contacts and competence to handle the whole purchasing chain, from stocktaking to delivery. We are fully aware that a range of parties’ needs must be accommodated – both care recipients and carers as well as decision makers. Our strengths are experience and a deep understanding of how the healthcare sector works. Together, this will allow us to help improve patient security as well as both the quality and economy of the care you provide.
In brief
  • Brand-independent
  • Experienced purchasers
  • Updated supplier list
  • Guidelines and standards
  • Staff training
  • 10-15% savings
  • Increased efficiency, less administration