Service & support

Roux Healthcare will provide you with the info and support you need to use and get most out of your medtech and related items. We will monitor the marketplace for you and keep you informed about new directives and regulatory developments.

Our experienced medical technology experts, medical aids technicians and purchasers will be at your disposal, under continuous training and updated in terms of technology, regulations and recommendations. We are focused on solutions and finding what works best for your wants and needs. If you wish, we will be happy to set up a joint medtech council to ensure compliancy to standards, best practice and policy.

Why Roux Healthcare?

Our medical technicians are experienced and competent and continuously learning more and developing their skills. Used to solving problems on their own and on their feet, Roux Healthcare techs are always working to fulfil your specific wishes and requirements. As a Roux client, you can rely on the best advice provided by the best professionals, always focused on the safety and efficiency of your systems.

In brief
  • Information and support
  • Marketplace monitoring
  • Experienced staff under constant training
  • Ensured compliancy to regulations
  • Focused on your requirements