At Roux Healthcare, we’re happy to take care of all your med-tech delivery needs. We will stock and deliver all your products for you.

We also offer full-responsibility services, handling all aspects of your product flow, from purchasing and assembly to dismantling and, if required, scrapping. You can in fact turn over your whole logistics department to us, including staff and vehicles.

Secure distribution

We offer regular periodic pickup and delivery services, a great solution if you require daily or regularly recurring transports of everything from lab test samples to beds and medical aids.

Sensitive transports and special items

We deliver items that require special care, like various medical aids and non-standard size goods that require handling by two people and/or specialized technical knowledge. We alswo offer quick and secure deliveries to users with multiple disabilities.

Why Roux Healthcare?
Our logistics services allow you to focus on your core operation and maximize the efficiency of your organization. You won’t have to worry about vacations or absenteeism among your own staff. Our people have logistics training and years of experience of setting up and running logistics solutions for various types of clients. Our prices are competitive and you will only ever need to pay for what you actually use, so forget about fixed logistics costs.
In brief
  • Stocking and delivery
  • Complete service-life logistics
  • Outsourced logistics department
  • Fixed periodic pickup and delivery
  • Sensitive transports
  • Deliveries to users with multiple disabilities
  • Experienced staff
  • Competitive pricing