Gym and rehab equipment

We repair and maintain various types of rehab equipment, covering most products available in the marketplace. A large stock of spare parts allows us to perform repairs quickly and we can often replace defective parts during a first visit.

A complete inspection will also be performed, the results being entered into a service record to enable follow-ups and statistics. Our service portal will provide complete real-time information on the status of your equipment, as well as allow you to order repairs and purchases, download service records and information about your equipment.
We have strategically located workshop facilities but also offer on-site service at your clinic, hospital, rehab facility, gym etc. Normally, we will visit within days of receiving your service order but also offer same-day repairs if required.

Why choose Roux Healthcare?
Our technicians all have the relevant training, experience and certifications and enjoy the challenge of working with complex technologies, optimizing them and continuously learning new skills. Used to working independently, they are always responsive to your needs and requirements. We take the safety and efficiency of systems and equipment very seriously indeed, always striving to make sure that they work flawlessly from one scheduled service to the next. And we’re always ready to perform the service and tests you need at short notice.
Our clients include
  • Gyms
  • Wellness centers
  • Primary care clinics
  • Occupational care services
  • Primary care rehab facilities