Covid-19 Sanitizing

To be able to safely utilize a room or area where a known carrier of Covid-19 has been is of the utmost importance in medical and trafficked areas.  To keep those areas clear of infection requires a validated solution.  It’s equally important for the process to be safe and efficient.

Here at Roux Healthcare we have such a system ready to be deployed, it’s the Total 360 System from Clorox in the U.S.  The system has been validated and endorsed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) which follows the European standard log 5 and is a disinfectant approved in Sweden.  Here at Roux Healthcare we have many years of experience in the healthcare industry.

We are now offering this service local government, hospitals and care facilities. 


Total 360 System is based on electrostatic application of the disinfectant. The system’s compressor driven spray nozzle gives the chemical droplets an electrical charge. The drops are then drawn to nearby surfaces with a force that is stronger than gravity and is evenly and completely distributed over them, even behind and under the object. The principle is the same as for powder coating of cars and means that the disinfectant automatically finds its way into hard-to-reach spaces. The system works just as well on textiles and other soft surfaces as on hard ones. The effect is well documented. The system kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds


Despite its name, the disinfectant Clorox Total 360 does not contain chlorine and is not classified as dangerous for the environment. Use requires that the space to be cleaned is blocked off during work and our staff wear goggles and mouth guards according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Due to the fact that the application does not require all surfaces to be sprayed directly, the work is fast, up to just under 1,700 sqm can be decontaminated per hour. A finished space can be used again after five minutes. The decontaminated surfaces do not need to be re-dried, with the exception of tables and benches used for food preparation, in order to avoid food taking on flavor. The content of active substances is very low, the decontamination liquid consists of 99.6% water which evaporates during decontamination.


Clorox Total 360 System is approved for use against the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US National Public Health Agency. This means that the system also follows European guidelines and is also approved in Sweden. The system’s active substances have been well studied and scientifically validated for a long time.

Areas of application

Thanks to the system’s simplicity, flexibility and speed, the Clorox Total 360 System has a very wide range of applications. Nursing homes, nursing homes, schools and preschools, but also offices and other workplaces as well as public transport vehicles including aircraft can be effectively disinfected with the system with minimal time. Get in touch and we will discuss your needs.