Roux Financing

Roux Healthcare offers clients and partners medical equipment financing through leasing or rental. We handle everything from purchasing to service and administration, leaving you free to focus on your core operations.

Leasing and rental are well-established and advantageous forms of equipment acquisition financing, within both the private and public sectors.
At Roux Healthcare, we help you choose the product that best suits your needs. With our financial solutions we make products and services available to you for a monthly fee during an agreed-upon timeframe. Our staff will assist you in finding the financial solution that best fits your company’s requirements.
In principle, any piece of operational equipment that can be regarded as a separate item, that may be depreciated can be financed with leasing/rental. The leasing or rental period is normally between 3 – 7 years, depending on type of equipment and your requirements, provided the period is proportional to the expected economic service life of the product. Leasing and rental financing is available to any registered private or public operator.

Reaching an agreement
Contact us to manage the financing of your healthcare equipment. Upon qualifying, you will receive a leasing or rental offer. After the offer is accepted, signed and returned, you take delivery of your equipment. An important advantage with Roux Healthcare is that we can include a service agreement, ensure delivery, follow up warranties and claims as well as handle administration and authority inspections. In short: Roux Healthcare can become your partner in all things that concern your healthcare equipment.
In brief
  • Leasing or rental
  • Trouble-free financing
  • Purchasing advice
  • Service and administration can be included
  • 3–7 years leasing or rental period