We care. Because you care.

Roux Healthcare is a medtech management company, geared exclusively towards enabling private and public healthcare operators to fully focus on their main mission: to provide excellent care.

Roux Healthcare offers a wide range of technical and related services specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare operators.
The unique demands of working within the healthcare segment is reflected in the level of training, experience and dedication you can expect from our technicians.
Being a full-service provider, we can also keep you supplied with any consumables your operations require.

We can.

In healthcare, competence is everything. And not only that, but training and certification. Which is why we ensure that our staff is up to the job, both in terms of experience and formal qualifications, providing you with both premium service and the security your operations require.

We do.

As a partner, we’re committed to continuous improvement. Many clients prefer a strategic partnership, with us taking full responsibility for all their medtech management needs. But we are more than happy to provide more limited services.